Roaring Fork

A independent design hub specializing in
creative direction, art direction + branding

Selected Clients: Auckland Art Fair
/ Huffer / Casio / G-Shock / Lorde
/ Crosson Acheticts / Zara Mirkin /
Parlour Proects / Cater Station...

Roaring Fork began its inhabitance back in 2009 under the stage name of Ken Griffen Design. Who the hell is Ken Griffen? Ken is the creator of Roaring Fork, a creative playground. A place where ‘work and play’ can be said in the same sentence. Traditionally an unconventional work environment and now, a multidisciplinary creative establishment. Not just a site in cyber space, but a friend devoted to making ideas come to life.

RF is characterized by idea led visuals that are individually crafted for our clients. The work is driven by a belief in collaboration, strong communication and unique outcomes.

It’s an independent design hub specializing in creative direction, typographic branding, editorial and digital content design.

We love new challenges and we address them accordingly with the right collaborators focused on adding value to all of our projects. To know more about our points of view, work process and new ways we can help you, please visit our contact section.

Ken Griffen

Creative Director & Founder
Bachelor of Design

Born and raised on Auckland’s notorious K road, Ken has a unique take on all things visual. Actually just all things. A practicing and exhibited artist in his own right, Ken steers the RF. ship with a wildly considered and creative hand. He can probably run faster than you.
Personal instagram / linkedin

Joe Dowling

Managing Director & Copy Writer
Bachelor of Commerce / Diploma of
Photographic Arts / Diploma of Spanish

Joe joined RF after a year living in Iraq, 80km from the frontlines. He is a practicing photographer and literature nerd who loves skateboarding, but is getting too old for it. Joe runs the client and copy sides of RF. with a calm, thoughtful vigour. He can probably beat you at backgammon.
Contact: +64 21 634 924 /
Personal instagram / linkedin