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Contemporary art demands contemporary design, so when RF. was asked to brand Parlour Projects we did not hesitate. Immediately proceeding our successful rebrand of the Auckland Art Fair, we were pleased to take on another project in the art industry, where aesthetics and taste reign above all.

Parlour Projects lives at the top end of contemporary art in New Zealand — a relative newcomer — but already attracting our best artists and art buyers. That considered, the brand needed to purvey an international motif, and to elevate the art featured without distracting from it.

In direct reference to deconstructed Northern European design, the logo is a simple type treatment that compromises nothing on form or function. The sans-serif typeface, the form of the logo, and the offset type treatments, nod to both current and past international trends, without being overt. In conjunction with these elements, we selected a minimal colour palette that enables the brand to be surrounded by all manner of art work and further alludes to the simple and refined aesthetic of minimal European design. The result is a brand that transcends the humble Hawke’s Bay gallery and places Parlour Projects at the forefront of a progressive and exciting industry. This is a space to watch.

Credit: Sophie Wallace / Fiona Pardington