Creative Direction
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RF. created a campaign for an already designed Autumn clothing collection — By Huffer For Huffer. This involved all-round creative direction and brand execution in order to generate a body of content to use in editorial, billboards and in-store.

Huffer – we’ve been making clothes for 17 years. Pretty soon we’ll be a fully fledged adult doing fully fledged adult things. So, seeing as this is our last year of carefree adolescence we decided to look back. Often unpredictable, always functional, effortlessly wearable. This collection is about learning from our mistakes, doubling down on our victories and continuing to push the envelope when most people are using e-mail. It’s everything we’ve learnt so far…17 years in the making.

Credit: Sam Hickey / Steve Dunstan / James Tolich / Ana Vemic / Zippora Seven / Nick Reid